INVIXO Talent Academy Announcement!

INVIXO Talent Academy

”Talented and motivated employees are arguably the most valuable assets of every company. Why then, are so many companies only paying lip service rather than truly investing in attracting, growing, and retaining talent?” 

Two and a half years ago, this very question initiated an exciting journey for INVIXO and a group of young talents. A journey of, essentially building a talent program in scale-up organizations.

One year ago, phase 2 was initiated. Processes for daily operations were defined, but there was an expectation of continuous improvement to ensure a constant flow of new talents and even further improve the skill sets of the talents. How to make it even more professional and even more structured. How to make it very clear that we at INVIXO are serious about investing in young talents who see data and integrations as part of their career path. In September 2021 we launched INVIXO Talent Academy, which is version 2.0 of the previous program called the Young Talented Minds program. This new program offers a new and innovative way of attracting and retaining talent while ensuring an effective and clearly structured career path for talents to grow. At INVIXO, we strive to ensure that the young employees get off to a good start in their careers and to establish the foundation of knowledge and tools they require to be able to kick-start their careers.

The INVIXO Talent Academy consist of five core elements:

  1. Fundamental learning sessions – Tailored learning sessions ranging from Consultancy Excellence to Infrastructure understanding, presented by our own experts, establishing the foundation for your personal and professional development
  2. Relevant certifications – Defined certifications within the area of your career path to acquire the theoretical skills to be ready for project work
  3. Project Experience – You will quickly be assigned to customer- or internal projects to develop your practical skills. Here, you will be working closely with experienced senior consultants as your professional mentors
  4. A community of peers – You will participate in community meetings with other INVIXO Talent Academy members of varying seniority, with the purpose of knowledge sharing, socializing, and inspirational aspects of personal and professional development
  5. Mentoring & Buddy Program – You will be assigned a buddy and a senior colleague as a personal mentor for personal and professional support and guidance

So, how are we approaching this practically?

All activities included in the Talent Academy are integral parts of your daily work, on equal footing with your other work tasks and other responsibilities. This necessitates learning how to balance projects and the Talent Academy activities together with your studies in case you join our journey while studying.

This will, of course, be done in collaboration with your line manager, with whom you will meet regularly for one-to-ones, and they will provide you with tools of how to balance work, studies, projects, etc.

Who are we looking for?

INVIXO Talent Academy is aimed at students on either of their two last years of studies, as well as newly graduated individuals. We are looking for individuals with a drive to make a difference while being part of an amazing journey.

We want to see individuals grow, by kick-starting their careers at an early stage. We want to provide the theoretical and practical experience needed to become a specialist within data and integrations, as well as how to navigate in an increasingly complex digital landscape.

We offer you the opportunity to kick-start your career at INVIXO. Whether you decide to stay with INVIXO for two years or 15 years, a position at INVIXO is an essential jump starter for your career, paving your way for a prosperous future!

If you want to know more about INVIXO Talent Academy and how to apply, you must click here:


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Do you possess a technological skillset, a well-profound analytical toolbox and do you want to enable digital transformations with best of breed products?

If you can see yourself, planning and developing new features, writing unit/integration tests, fixing bugs in existing features, working with highly competent developers, then you might be the person we are looking for!


You will be working as a front-end developer in collaboration with 1 or more other developers with a primary focus on front end development for new products or already existing products.


We are searching for Front-End Developers with 2+ years of experience within Front-End development. 
We are very aware of the individuals we hire at INVIXO, as we value a diverse culture and are always on look-out for people fitting our cultural fit.

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