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We are a digital consultancy company based in Denmark specialized in integration- and data solutions that offers strategic digital platforms, consulting services and application management keeping our public and private clients future proof with the latest technologies

We build sustainable business solutions and system integrations that increase your organization’s capabilities and resilience towards digital challenges. Our core pillars include, Change, Disruption, Innovation, Creativity, Agility, Flexibility, Resilience 

At every step of the journey, we develop innovative strategies to keep our clients relevant while building resilience for ever-changing business environments. As an equal-opportunity organization, we value diversity and use the collective intelligence of our team members and partners to deliver better results. Throughout the process, we deliver holistic digitalization solutions that improve the workflow, productivity, and efficiency of our clients

We are constantly looking for the best and brightest difference-makers, who align with our core pillars, mission, and values

How We Work

For improved relevance, responsiveness, and resilience within your industry and beyond, we look for new and innovative ways to seamlessly bring applications, data, processes, and people together.


Is our foundation


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Gives us freedom


When you work with INVIXO, you know exactly what to expect.
Our team takes a client-first approach to digitalization


Trusted by Partners and clients

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Do you want to be part of a fast-growing consultancy and software company that want YOU to make an impact?

We believe in talented minds working in collective intelligent environments will bring extraordinary results for our customers around the globe.

Our vision is to be our customer’s leading partner in building new business capabilities, for them to stay relevant, responsive and resilient.

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Do you possess a technological skillset, a well-profound analytical toolbox and do you want to enable digital transformations with best of breed products?

If you can see yourself, planning and developing new features, writing unit/integration tests, fixing bugs in existing features, working with highly competent developers, then you might be the person we are looking for!


You will be working as a front-end developer in collaboration with 1 or more other developers with a primary focus on front end development for new products or already existing products.


We are searching for Front-End Developers with 2+ years of experience within Front-End development. 
We are very aware of the individuals we hire at INVIXO, as we value a diverse culture and are always on look-out for people fitting our cultural fit.

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